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Bodymedics is leading the field in soft tissue therapy

At Bodymedics, our mission is to help people feel and perform better. We provide treatment experiences that offer our patients the best opportunity to heal. Musculoskeletal soft tissue conditions are some of the most common reasons for people to seek medical care.

Our specialities

The primary aim of treatment is to relieve soft tissue pain or limited range of motion. Orthopedic massage modalities can provide a non-invasive treatment approach through which conditions can be further clarified and alternative treatments found.

The Bodymedic Method

The Bodymedic Method is a detailed 4-step treatment system. During each step a specific action plan is followed and documented.

The range of healthcare conditions that can be appropriately addressed with the Bodymedic Method of orthopedic manual therapy is extensive. In some cases, it is a primary intervention, while in other cases, it is an adjunct therapy used together with other treatment approaches. In addition, when other modalities fail, the Bodymedic Method is often able to successfully intervene. As a conservative intervention, it excels in many instances, alleviating the need for more serious invasive procedures such as surgery.

Bodymedics is proud to serve the Neuromuscular Therapy & Sports Massage Therapy needs of Atlanta, GA and the surrounding areas.

Dan is truly awesome! He’s spot on with his treatment. I can tell him my shoulder hurts and then just kind of generally wave my hand over an area of my shoulder and he can pin point the exact spot during my session. I always feel  100% better after the sessions and the take home stretches are not time consuming and thus easy for me to incorporate daily. Thanks, Dan, for your expertise and warm personality!

Cherie A.

Atlanta, GA

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Bodymedics Neuromuscular Therapy is Atlanta’s best choice for therapeutic massage. We work with professional athletes and non-athletes alike, always focusing on healing and preventing injuries. 

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